“Faith in action is love, and love in action is service...”

Mother Teresa

Our Mission

To respect all members of our society by addressing their longstanding needs with innovation, action and love, and thereby transforming our communities with new opportunity and wealth for those we serve, our partners, and for ourselves.

Our Vision

The Vision of Our Labor of Love (OLOL) is to develop sustainable partnerships and solutions that result in economic growth and human development, particularly for those seeking a pathway to restorative justice, second chances, and reemployment in the post-pandemic economy.

Our mission and vision are that we are social entrepreneurs; we strive to create wealth and opportunity for those that we serve, for our partners, and for ourselves. We desire to serve the most critical needs of our fellow human beings, especially those that are frequently overlooked. We are passionate and ready to embrace opportunity and apply innovation in pursuit of the public good. The “Wasteland” where hopelessness resides can become a “Field of Dreams” for today’s marginalized youth and impoverished communities.

Statement of Purpose

The goal of our project is to overturn every leaf in search of new and inspired actionable solutions that can be developed and realized in the field of cost-effective “environments” that house, educate and gro w low income and special needs communities and their economies within the United States and abroad.The concept of “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Capitalism with a Heart” is not new. What makes us different is our direct relationship and engagement WITH the communities we seek to serve. We collectively bring a profound amount of experience and expertise in our various fields of profession. The nexus is service.

The intend to apply innovative, cost effective and sustainable models that help solve chronic societal challenges that have reached a crisis point. Presently, a window is open for a team such as ours to build to scale and maximize our impact in everything we do. We invite you to seize this opportunity with us with passion, strength, strategy and the promise of great outcomes.

About Us

The OLOL Team is composed of experienced professionals in the fields of economic development, housing & commercial construction, healthcare, education, and social justice. The team came together to foster direct relationships with communities that need, deserve and desire profound transformations. Through innovative social entrepreneurship models, OLOL engages, collaborates and sustains cost-effective solutions to society’s most complex challenges. From affordable housing for the working class, poor and elderly to special needs education’ populations- OLOL is ready, able and willing to partner with the government, the private sector, and communities to seize opportunities with passion, strategy for great outcomes.

We are overcomers and redeemers that understand the storms of life.

Thousands of unemployed second chancers, students, and volunteers are in need of employment and ready to go.

We believe that our shared humanity can unite us and prepare our victory.

Why Care

“Countless people want to make a living and have a reason to live.” 

“American’s have lost their freedom to the Pandemic- We know how it feels to lose life as we know it. 

“With employment and opportunity, goodness will come. Without employment and opportunity, all of society will suffer.

Covid-19 Response

This pandemic has taught us that America cannot depend on other nations to manufacture our basic necessities; most especially- medical supplies and equipment. We must build a medical infrastructure that protects our most vulnerable. If properly implemented, our strategies can provide immediate help to the public health sector and this nation’s paralyzed workforce.

“When you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God.” – Khalil Gibran

OUR LABOR OF LOVE, LLC exists to recruit, train, and field a workforce of community health officers who test, contact, trace, and build healthier communities. Density Kills but our initiatives can save lives and result in healthier communities. Over 50% of coronavirus deaths are Black, Latino and poor persons. These fellow human beings also suffer from health disparities (diabetes, asthma, heart disease, etc.). Given their poor health status, the deadly and disproportionate impact from the pandemic was both predictable and preventable. The morbidity and mortality data clearly establishes that Blacks, Latinos, and poor people living in overcrowded urban areas will continue to be target #1 for this and future deadly viruses.

The unemployment rate in America stands at over 33 million- this unsustainably high level of joblessness across America has always been present in urban Black, and Latino communities. The time to do something groundbreaking is now!

OLOL can recruit, train, and deploy thousands of previously unemployed people in the fight against COVID 19. Our team has focused on the intersectionality of poverty, the justice system, economic development, and post-pandemic opportunities in America. Our solution-based and non-bureaucratic approach recognizes the need to involve those directly affected by the experiences of poverty and marginalization in developing solutions.

• Thousands of employer-sponsored temporary visa-holders are not eligible for unemployment benefits and at risk of deportation because COVID19 has forced them to become unemployed. They have family members that were born in America. OLOL is ready to join the local and national lawyers associations’, and network of employers to resolve the employment and immigration issue and enlist the visa-holders into our army.

• Thousands of college students need summer jobs and school service credits. OLOL is ready to work with CUNY/SUNY and other colleges and universities to enlist these vital resources into our workforce.

• Thousands of justice-involved individuals have community service obligations– OLOL is ready to enlist these citizens into our workforce as paid workers and volunteers.

• Thousands of other unemployed citizens are ready to engage.

Once recruited, OLOL will collaborate with at least one leading public health institute to train our skilled workforce in all aspects of testing, contact-tracing, and pandemic related issues.

Our Project Leaders

This project is the brainchild of an unexpected friendship. It is the means through which worthwhile visions are becoming a reality.

Connie Espada

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Anthony Colandra

I Consider myself very lucky to be in this position and I want to continue to expand on helping those in need.

Clifford Henderson

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Advisory Board

Pedro Espada, Jr.

Work With Us


I would like to thank Anthony of Our Labor of Love for all his continuing help to me and our veterans.

SGT Morales, George
2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division

Our Labor of Love has given me a second chance in life with their career development opportunities.

SPC Cadena, Daniel
1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Armored Division

I now have a place to call home thanks to Anthony & Our Labor of Love.

SPC Smith, Nicholas
4th Bridgade Combat Team 101st Airbone

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